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Every aspect of your communication, from the colours you choose to the font or graphics selected, tells your customers who you are and how you do business. But, is your branding and graphic design saying the right things? Are you portraying the image you are hoping to portray about your business? Explore the implications of poor design, colour choices, signage and sign placement on customer perceptions.

Signage contributes to several factors in any business, including brand recognition, corporate identity, and professionalism. Poor design and colour choices can lead to a misrepresentation of your business’s brand and seeing that creating a successful sign involves a lot of moving pieces, it’s easy to misstep. Errors on your signage such as misspelled words, sloppy placement and/or incorrect business information can send the message that you are careless and not focused.

Overall Design

The overall look of a sign has to make sense. It must communicate who your business is and what you do. The overall look and feel should give the prospect a glimpse of your corporate identity. You may be going for a retro design and feel or maybe you are looking to communicate a clean, modern vibe. The overall design must take all of this into consideration.

Colour, Contrast and Associations

Bright colours are often selected for signage as they attract attention and can help the sign stand out. However, if not selected properly, they can make the sign difficult to read and they may also be communicating the wrong image for your business. When selecting the best colours for a sign, careful thought must be given to the idea of contrast between the foreground and the background. If you select coloured text against a dark background, the contrast may be weak and make the sign hard to read so it is important to look at a colour chart to select the best colour combinations.

Additionally, colours evoke emotions and have common associations. For example, black is associated with power, elegance, death, formality, etc. while the colour white is associated with goodness, innocence, light, purity, etc. Many people consider it the colour of perfection. Yellow, the colour of sunshine, is associated with energy, joy and happiness. Every colour, therefore, seems to work best for certain settings or to communicate certain messages. This should be given careful thought.

Font Choices for Signage

Choosing the right font is also very difficult seeing that there are countless options and it can turn into a very personal choice. Fonts offer a lot of personality – from modern to classic, fun to professional, etc. Knowing which font to pick is critical for any brand. The weight of the font also needs to be considered in the overall design. Selecting a font haphazardly could lead to a sign that is impossible to read.


Although several people are usually involved in the design and manufacturing of a sign, mistakes are sometimes not caught until the sign is installed. Aside from the expense of correcting the problem, misspelled words and other typos send a message that you are careless and not detail-oriented. You would never want your customers to think this, so it’s important to proofread at the various stages of the design and production process to ensure there are no errors.

Placement of a Sign

The placement of a sign is another critical component to properly communicating your brand’s message to customers. From practical considerations, such as visibility, to more aesthetic considerations, knowing where to place signage can drastically improve how you communicate to passers-by.

Too few companies truly understand the importance of creating well designed signage. Poor design, colour choices, font choices and placement can directly damage a brand’s identity and success. Here at Signarama, we work with our clients to understand their needs and the best way to achieve their overall objectives. Our team of design experts will happily walk you through every step of the process involved in designing your signage.

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