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This day and age, with the ubiquity of technology, it may be easy to forget about the importance of on premise, physical signage for your small business. Doing so, however, would be a mistake.

Premise signs matter for many reasons for a small business. One of those reasons is customer trust. When customers come to your office or retail location, or even if they view an image of it online, what they want to see is consistent, recognisable branding. Seeing your business premise signage reflect the unique logo on your business cards, website, emails, and advertisements reassures customers that you are a strong, reputable business. Consistent and notable physical signage tells customers that you are proud of your marketing efforts and therefore proud of the work your business does.

In turn, building customers’ trust and confidence in you increases your returning customer base and your sales. Studies have shown that adding physical signage to a place of business has a greater measurable impact on sales than increasing business hours or even expanding a business location. In a variety of business locations, from fast food chains to retail stores, the addition of even one sign can increase business transactions from 5 to 15%. And this type of signage isn’t limited to your logo or business name. Indoor signs that indicate sales, seasonal discounts, or new sales opportunities effectively function as “silent salespersons” by communicating new offers and increasing customer purchases.

For business owners, a notable perk of physical signage is its cost effectiveness. Physical signage at your place of business has the capability of reaching thousands of potential customers per day, depending on the foot and car traffic of your location. While technology-driven advertising, such as TV and radio ads, have the same potential, the cost is much greater, as those ads usually cost an ongoing, monthly fee. Premise signage, on the other hand, is paid for once and done. It has also shown to be more effective at attracting customers into businesses. In one study conducted on first-time customers of independent small businesses, 46% of those customers reported learning about the business from their premise signs.

There’s no doubt that physical signage is, and will continue to be, a necessary and valuable component of any small business’s overall marketing and branding efforts. Signage is a visible reinforcement of the attributes your brand communicates to established customers and potential customers. Signarama can help you explore how to get the most out of the wide variety of business signage available to you and, ultimately, to increase your bottom line. You just need to find your local store today!