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Viewing Sizes and Distances


Where your custom sign will be viewed from will have a major bearing on your design aesthetics. Your Signarama signage consultant can provide you with recommendations on how large your major communication points need to be for your sign to be effective. Naturally, the further away you want your sign to be viewed from, or the faster that passing traffic will be driving past the sign, the bigger the graphics.

Remember to follow some of these basic design tips:

  • Clarity – people need to be able to see and read your business sign easily, especially if they are viewing your sign as they (or your vehicle) move by it quickly.
  • KIS – keep it simple. The fewer words, the better.
  • First read – identify your focal point of the sign and design your sign to lead the eye to that point. Usually this will be your logo or graphic.
  • First impressions – your outside sign will give an impression of what your inside business is like. What do you want your customer to think?
  • Memorability – make your sign memorable, so that your business is too.
  • Colour contrasts – make proper use of colours on your sign. Generally, light on dark or dark on light work best. Consult our colour chart for an idea of what colours work best.
  • Don’t fear white space – up to 30-40% of your sign should be white space (areas with no text or graphics) for maximum readability.