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Too much on a sign could be a big mistake and potential waste of money!

When planning your signage, it is a common mistake for business owners to want to get “everything” on their sign. Signs and graphics can be costly, but trying to get too much on a sign is a big mistake and potential waste of money! Here are some tips on how to ensure your message lands easily and with the right viewer.

1. You have just a couple seconds of time! Be brief! Most signage is viewed for only a couple seconds at a time. Whether you have put a message on a van graphic, billboard, or even a storefront sign, most of your clients just catch a glimpse. Make the graphic bold, simple and to the point. “Come inside and meet your all purpose tax preparer for small business and families” is too much. “Taxes Preparer on Site!” is better.

2. Use BOLD colour. Many clients want something more subtle than bright red. That’s okay, but be sure your “subtle” light grey is placed on a black background to help it pop. It’s not the colour that is the problem, it is the contrast. Work with your signage company and ask questions about visibility.

3. Think about your potential customers’ frame of mind. Are you providing pain relief? Are you giving them convenience? Are you making them look good? Get to the point with a powerful tag line. Here’s an example… “Tommy’s Groom House” could have a tag line of “We will make your pet look and smell its best and offer the best prices in town!” or it could say “Tommy’s Groom Room” – “Bring Us Your Dirty Dog!”

4. GO BIG! We have never had a client complain “The sign I got was too big!”. NEVER. We’ve had plenty of complaints they are too small.

5. Consistency is key! Don’t keep mixing up your logo, colour and message. Find a message and stick to it. Your clients are less likely to get confused among providers and you’ll appear more reliable and focused.

If you think of a message that represents your brand, but you are in doubt when it comes to colours, fonts and associations, call us today and talk with our Signarama experts!