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Everyone knows signage is an important part of a business’s overall sales and marketing plan, and that is because of the ABCs of effective signage: Attracting new customers. Branding your business. Creating an environment for impulse sales.

Partnering with the right sign company to create your premise signage is the key to effective
signage and, consequently, your business’s success.

There is a trend among small businesses to assume that signage is not that important. Often, when a small business is opening, the tendency is to cut the signage budget in order to save money in the short run, a practice that can actually lead to losing sales and revenue in the long run.

Large consumer-oriented corporations, who have acutely studied the science of signage, tend to go the opposite way. In fact, when a new McDonald’s store breaks ground, the very first thing they install is a sign. That’s because they know that premise signage is what communicates their unique brand and image to new and returning customers, who need only give the sign a simple glance to decide they will make a purchase that day. Large corporations don’t overlook the importance of on-site signage and branding; they know that nearly half the new customers that visit a small business do so simply because they saw that business’s sign. With that knowledge, small businesses can’t afford to cut costs on their physical signage.

Premise signage is also crucial to establishing your business’s brand and brand awareness. Studies show that on average, 85% of your customers will live in a five-mile radius of your business. That means that they pass your location and see your sign as they drive or walk in the area 50 to 60 times a month. This repetitive viewing of your sign is what creates brand awareness and makes you memorable to customers, especially when your sign coordinates with your other advertising methods like business cards, radio and TV ads, and flyers. Studies also show that shoppers associate sign quality with store and product quality, making the appeal and consistency of your branding crucial to establishing new business.

Effective signage also drives impulse sales from customers who weren’t planning to visit your business, but did so simply because they saw your sign and it piqued their interest. Effective signage is a powerful tool to attract new customers and those without a set plan for shopping.

Whatever your small business, you can’t afford to not have effective signage on site. Working with Signarama to help you establish your signage products and branding goals can help you attract more customers, brand your business, create an environment for impulse sales and, most importantly, drive your revenue. Contact our experts at Signarama today to see all of the premise signage we have to offer as well as the personal branding opportunities we can provide you with, and start increasing your customer base and sales today.