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Illuminated on-premise signage allows your business to successfully perform key marketing functions 24/7 including reinforcing advertising programmes as part of an integrated marketing plan, increasing brand awareness and directing customers to your business location, and can even enhance your business’ image by communicating key brand attributes. It’s important to understand the role on-premise signage plays in driving sales.

Take a look below for a breakdown of the ways illuminated on-premise signage can help your business:

Reinforce advertising programmes

Stores are able to attract new customers and make the most of existing advertising programmes by incorporating illuminated signs. Studies have shown that up to 76% of shoppers have visited a store they had never been in before, simply because of the store’s external sign. With the installation of an on-premise illuminated sign, this means stores can maximise existing programmes day and night with little effort.

Increase brand awareness

Research shows that brand awareness is directly associated with external signage. Around 60% of retail consumers claim that they had bought a product or service because they had been attracted to it by a sign. Illuminated on-premise signage makes the most of this as illuminated signage is far more visible day and night, and directly improves brand awareness.

Direct customers to your business location

Knowing where you store is may seem like a simple concept, however, it is one that some stores underestimate. Studies show that external signs are responsible for half of all new customers. Implementing illuminated signage guarantees visibility and directs new customers to your store easily.

Enhance your business image

Almost 70% of consumers think that the quality of your signage reflects the quality of your products and services. By implementing quality signage, you are communicating to potential customers that your products and services are high quality before they even see what you have to offer. This is a powerful tool when it comes to attracting new customers and keeping the clients you already have.

Not sure how to design illuminated signage for your business? Don’t stress! At Signarama, our sign experts are ready to assist you from design to installation. We’ve been helping businesses craft the right sign with the right message for over 30 years. Call or stop by today to find out more about how illuminated signage can propel sales and make your business even more successful.