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Floor graphics and decals are often an overlooked area for creating excitement and interest at most businesses. Floor decals are eye-catching and easy to implement. Get maximum value out of the unused floor space in your business or at your next trade show or event to promote featured products, provide in-store directions or increase engagement enhancing other displays.
Durable, even in the most highly trafficked areas, floor decals are easy to install and remove making the floor the next area your business should explore to communicate your message to potential customers. They can be customised for indoor or outdoor purposes, and resist tearing, harsh weather and scuffing. Consider a floor decal on the sidewalk outside your business to encourage passers-by to take a look inside.

Why Floor Decals?
People are constantly looking down at their phones. Take advantage of the fact that they are already looking down to get their attention in a unique way. Put your brand or your promotion right in their line of sight. Floor decals are a smart, versatile and cost-effective signage solution for a variety of purposes.

Guide visitors, employees and customers to various locations such as restrooms, exits, and entrances – think arrows, footsteps or other fun shapes.
Grab the attention of foot traffic in your area by placing a floor decal at your store’s entrance that promotes an upcoming event or special promotion.
Brighten up stairwells, parking lots, sidewalks and even driveways – get their attention in places otherwise overlooked.
Attract attention to specific products by placing floor decals on aisle floors – think seasonal merchandise, new flavours or styles you want to promote.

No matter what industry you’re in, floor decals can drastically update your business’s look and improve awareness of products, services, and promotions you are offering. They can be designed to include your logo, images and more. They can be simple or complex in design. Floor decals can be cut into just about any size or shape which means they can be placed anywhere you want without being obtrusive. Think outside the box. Your creativity in designing a unique floor decal can end up becoming the next big thing on social media if you ask customers to start sharing their photos with your floor decal using your hashtag.

Not sure where to start with floor graphics? No problem! Our sign experts are experienced with a variety of businesses and can offer creative and functional ideas for your particular business, no matter how small or large. Let your imagination run wild! Contact your local Signarama today to find out more about how to take advantage of empty floor space with the use of custom floor graphics.