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Creating effective signage that meets the needs of a business starts with a thorough design process. At Signarama, we understand that communication between a business and a sign designer is critical and is the most important component of the sign design process.

Want to create a sign that will benefit your business? Signarama can do that! Take a look at the design process we have detailed below.

Consultation with customer to discuss project

A sign should be designed to meet the unique needs of the business and communicating those needs is the first step to a successful sign. Sometimes, it’s a matter of asking what the customer envisions and showing pictures of similar projects to determine what they like and what will serve their needs.


A big component of communicating your needs is establishing a budget. Once the budget has been established, the designer will be able to help you create signs with features and components within your budget. Our number one goal is to make signs that address all of your needs; creating a sign that is not only what you want but also fits within your budget is a critical component of reaching that goal.


Once your needs have been communicated and the budget has been set, the next step is to start making choices on type of sign, purpose, size and style. The most essential components of designing a sign include deciding what kind of sign, the size of the sign and what the message will be. Then come decisions based around what materials will be used as well as the desired style of the sign, such as colour, font choices, and graphics. Other considerations include outdoor versus indoor signage, and if outdoor, what sort of weather conditions the sign should be able to withstand.


The last and final stage of the sign design process is the installation of the sign. Will permits be required? Where exactly will the sign be placed and how will it be mounted? If it’s an illuminated sign, electrical work may need to be done.

Although there are a lot of decisions to be made when purchasing signage for your business, if you work with an experienced team of designers like those at Signarama, you will be in good hands. We will thoroughly review every option and possible feature with you and your team to ensure that your signage purchase is an investment that will help your business grow.

Want to get started on creating an effective sign for your business? Contact the experts at Signarama today to get started on designing your next sign.